05 February 2009

Kristen Heldmann

Kristen recently e-mailed me to introduce herself, and I'm so glad she did. I'm always excited to get to know other photographers and their work. Every year or so she sends out a round of prints, and I snuck in just in time. Yesterday two images from her beautiful Suddenly Human series arrived in the mail, and I felt like a lucky girl.

© Kristen Heldmann

I adore this series and although each image shows people, they don't feel like portraits; the way she captures these vignettes makes them seem less about who is in the photographs and more about their sensory experience. They're very tactile to me. I can imagine myself in each scene, I can feel the grass or touch the carpet or look over to see the sunlight streaming in through the windows. I can picture myself either as the child or the adult in each scenario. Life experienced through human senses.

© Kristen Heldmann

Be sure to check out Kristen's portfolio, and don't miss her new blog!

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