14 February 2011

Go West, Part II

Moving to Portland!

Jason and I are moving to Portland, Oregon at the end of next month.

There have been a lot of tough days in trying to get this figured out. I'd like to write about it, but not today. Today I just want to keep looking forward – or maybe I should say, westward.

I don't regret coming to Santa Fe, but a year here would have been plenty, and two years got to the point of misery. With hints of spring on the air and the promise of an open road in a matter of weeks, I feel lighter than I have in a very long time.

Here's to a new chapter.


Nic said...

Here's to the next phase! I am excited for you to be getting out of Santa Fe because truly it seemed to get you down so much.

patcaribou said...

i accidentally ended up in santa fe in january, by way of tucumcari (wind energy school), by way of alaska. as a serious amateur photog, i appreciate the photography facilities/ stores/ film developing capablities, that the town has to offer. i'm taking 2 classes at sfcc and it has great facilities and tuition is dirt cheap...but yeah, theres something about santa fe...its pretty, for sure and has lots of nice expensive art in its plethora of galleries (how do they all stay in business?), but seems like its all decorative crap that rich people buy to put in their living room or front yard. it seems more of a mecca for middle aged hippies who live in their own little bubble. if it wasn't for the historic adobe architecture and large population of hispanics, santa fe would just be another scottsdale, arizona.